When someone asks me a “why not” question, I often simply say – “yeah, why not?” In the back of my mind, I think about how Dwight Yoakam sounds so badass when he sings “Baby Why Not,” his 1995 smash hit.

“Oh baby why not

Just take once more chance

And risk all we got

On this luckless romance

If someone asks why

We’ll say we forgot

And threw our lives away

Oh baby why not

And went kinda crazy

Oh baby why not

And both lost our minds

Oh baby why not”

As an Atlanta Realtor nowadays, I often encourage anyone who asks me a “why not” question to go ahead and do it, if it’s a low risk option. “Why not” go ahead do whatever it is that they seem to have an inclination to do.

The essence of Dwight’s message is to lose our minds, go crazy – why not?

The “why nots” of Atlanta, Georgia real estate are abundant, yet they don’t necessarily involve going crazy! The why nots are often questions about getting a house ready for sale, or not. Maybe even why not just stay vs. move. Why not purchase an investment property? Why not downsize? Why not just stick a corrugated thermoplastic sign in the yard that announces the house FOR SALE and see what happens?

We can keep asking Why Not questions, all day long, especially when it comes to buying and selling real estate. Sometimes, reframing a Why Not question into a more powerful question is a better approach. I learned how to do that from The King of Sales.

I learned years ago to reframe “why” questions – The King of Sales is a guy I met back in 1995 named Jeffrey Gitomer.  Jeffrey wrote “The Sales Bible” and The King advocates that when someone asks why, redirect the question and ask: what are your reasons?

The people who ask “why not” are asking a radically different, more emotionally loaded question than a simple “why?”

The people who ask “why not” are most often coming from a place of judgment and not a place of curiosity. So, ya gotta get out of judgment and into curiosity. Why not?!?

“…So let’s throw away all care

Move out on the edge somewhere

Find a place and just swing

there in the breeze…”

Asking “why not” in any given real estate scenario places judgment up front, and pre-judgment clouds sound judgment. Asking “what are the reasons,” enables curiosity and learning. In the coming weeks, I will attempt to answer some of the Why Not questions of real estate. Stay tuned.