At Compass, I’m surrounded by some of the best, the brightest and the most remarkable business people in the world. Everyday, I experience moments of serendipity with my team at The Wieloch Group, with my clients and prospects, with my family and friends and with the growing team at Compass. Serendipity is the what and the why that instigates the best and the brightest. The most remarkable moments with the most remarkable people are often and almost always serendipitous happenings.

Seriously, since January 1 when I joined The Wieloch Group at Compass Real Estate, my team is now among a group of Realtors that includes many (if not most) of THE top producers in the city, and we are just getting started. Compass is 6 months old in Atlanta and we will very likely end 2019 ranked as the #2 or #3 real estate brokerage in metro Atlanta. That’s serendipity, in fast action.

“Blitzscaling prioritizes speed over efficiency in the face of uncertainty.” Tyler Karlen stated that on Friday when we discussed the leadership ethos at Compass.

“The best opportunities are the ones you never expected.” I never expected to walk in for a coffee, run into Tyler and talk for 30 minutes about blitzscaling and serendipity.

The Compass opportunity is indeed, serendipitous for the real estate consumer. The opportunity for a better way of selling and buying real estate, with less hassle, and with the confidence that only the best real experts bring to the market.

“Serendipity is a state of mind. Serendipity births unexpected opportunities which fuel progress and push us in fruitful directions. By maximizing serendipity, you’ll accelerate your progress.

Serendipity is a skill, which means it can be learned.”

I didn’t say these things. David Perell said these serendipitous things – David wrote a smart post on the power of serendipity last year. Tyler sent me the article.

Tyler also recommended that I read a book called Blitzscaling. I ordered the book on Friday and I started reading it last night.

Tyler is a Wake Forest graduate and he earned his MBA at Wake Forest’s highly respected School of Business in 2009, and in the past 10 years, he went from Google, to Dropbox, to Uber and since November 2018, Compass. That’s a blitzscaled career, and he is just getting started because now he’s with Compass – the fastest growing company that he has ever been with.

Tyler and other leaders at Compass, like our CEO Robert, our COO Maelle and our CMO, Khurrum all arrived at Compass grounded in the power of how serendipity works for the greater good. Robert’s vision is to build “the first modern real estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless.”

And, that platform is moving way faster than my old company’s platform. Just last year, Compass received nearly 50,000 resume’s – people want in on this phenomenon. Not everyone got the jobs! Only super talents like Tyler, got the jobs.

No one, and I mean no one talked about anything remotely like blitzscaling at my prior real estate brokerage. I joined that company in 1999, as a rookie Realtor, when no one knew who we were in Atlanta – we grew organically to become one of the best places to work in Atlanta by 2008.

The company that I started with in 1999 built the business on “proven models.” We scaled conservatively, and the franchise owners starting making healthy profits by the early 2000s. Quite differently from the current, 7 year old Compass juggernaut, my former real estate brokerage became the biggest and most successful real estate company in world by rising from the ashes in the mid-1980s and “leading with revenue.”

That company did not blitzscale – that company did not have a vision like the vision of Compass, and the Compass vision has a sweeping undercurrent of serendipity driving daily growth.

“Blitzscaling is a specific set of practices for igniting and managing dizzying growth; an accelerated path to the stage in a startup’s life-cycle where the most value is created. It prioritizes speed over efficiency in an environment of uncertainty, and allows a company to go from “startup” to “scaleup” at a furious pace that captures the market.”

Right now, Compass prioritizes speed over efficiency, in an industry loaded with uncertainty.

I will write many, many, many articles about Compass and The Wieloch Group, and Atlanta real estate market dynamics, and Atlanta lifestyle and Atlanta personalities. This one is about serendipity.

So, check out Tyler Karlen – Tyler is the Atlanta Market Leader for the Strategic Growth team at Compass. Tyler vividly describes Compass on his LinkedIn profile. Compass is an agent-focused and technology-driven, luxury real estate brokerage. On a mission to help everyone find their place in the world, Compass is building the first end-to-end, modern real estate platform by bringing together some of the world’s brightest professionals across real estate,technology, business, and marketing.

One of the fastest growing companies in the US with over $1.2 billion raised from global investors like SoftBank Vision Fund, Goldman Sachs, Founders Fund (first investors in Facebook), and IVP (investors in Twitter and Snap) to date, Compass is also widely recognized as one of America’s top places to work, recently ranking 32nd on Glassdoor’s 2018 List of Top Places To Work.

Getting to know Tyler and his Strategic Growth team in Atlanta is a powerful way to gauge the blitzscaling at Compass. Hearing him discuss the speed and scale and serendipity of Compass is exciting and empowering. I look forward to reading his book recommendation, “Blitzscaling” this week!

If you are a successful Georgia Realtor, with a healthy business and a mindset for growth, then if you are not already on board at Compass, you might want to talk to one of the folks on Tyler’s team about us. Text me at 404-218-4126, and I’ll hook you up!