R means Realtor, and Realtor means ethical, professional, educated, networked and absolutely more powerful than an everyday “real estate agent.” The National Association of Realtors launched a new campaign to define “Who we R.”

My license from the state of Georgia is nearly 20 years old. I am licensed as a “Real Estate Salesperson” in Georgia and I am required by law to adhere to strict rules and laws that govern my trade. We “R” Realtors at The Wieloch Group. Check out this 30 second video that the National Association of Realtors produced that defines and highlights the value of Realtors vs. EVERYTHING ELSE.

I received my Georgia salesperson license in 1999. I became a Realtor in 1999. A Realtor is “what I R!”

After finishing real estate school in 1999, I became a charter member of the very first Keller Williams Realty office in Georgia. As a rule, we were all Realtors and every year since, I renew my membership in the local, state and national “associations” of Realtors. I’m a Realtor, since 1999.

The primary differentiators between a Georgia Realtor like me and a Georgia “licensed real estate salesperson” is the local self-governance that we abide by as Realtors. We have a Code of Ethics that predicates our duties to:

  1. Clients and Customers
  2. The General Public
  3. Other REALTORS

“The nation’s largest residential real estate trade group, the 1.3-million member National Association of Realtors (NAR) today announced the launch of a new ad campaign that leans into its classic “R” logo to help the public further distinguish its member Realtors from generic real estate agents.

“‘That’s Who We R’ reinforces that partnering with a Realtor, delivers the peace of mind that can only come from working with a real person who is committed to their clients’ futures and neighborhoods just as much as they are,” John Smaby, 2019 president of NAR said in a statement.”

I do not know John Smaby, however he is likely one of the best Realtors who has diligently works in Edina, Minnesota. Call John if you need help in Edina.

Call The Wieloch Group if you need world class service in Georgia. We are a team of 7 Realtors and that’s who we “R!”