Compass Concierge in action

Every residential home seller that I speak with knows that I have a basic metric for every listed property in every price range, regardless of conditions or features. We need a minimum of 8-10 showings in the first 21-28 days on market. From that reasonable amount of showing activity, we should expect an offer.

Compass Atlanta sales gain market share

As a result of the continued commitment to excellence Compass has stayed ahead of competitors in sales, listings, and our Deal Fall through rate is consistent with pre-covid percentages.

Will this be the biggest Summer market in Atlanta real estate history?

Robert states – “here’s why:” The real estate market has already hit bottom and started bouncing back. Over the last 3 weeks or so, in almost every one of our markets, we’ve started seeing a meaningful increase in pending / in-contract and new listings activity. Catastrophes create movement. After 9/11, things froze in NY for […]

“Kirkwood is Atlanta’s next Inman Park”

The growth of Kirkwood then leaped by 2013 – clearly a 35-40% jump in value from 2013-2018. Development happened at a rapid pace down Memorial Drive and along the major thoroughfares of Kirkwood. Every street has seen renovations and BIG flips in recent years.

Atlanta real estate ain’t turnin’ down

Yes, and that’s the other 50% of the market. Radically, check out this statistic – 409 houses made a price change in the last 7 days. That’s more units than the pending count by 25ish percent. Those 409 sellers were failing at the recent prices, so they dropped. And, many will sell in the next 90 days.

Atlanta’s real estate rebound is afoot

This week is a huge week for The Wieloch Group, and the next 3-4 months look like record breaking months for listing and selling property, anywhere in metro Atlanta.

Atlanta buyers ask us, “what’s going on with mortgages?”

Purchase prices in Atlanta are not changing or dropping for 40% of the market – 40% of the market is moving fast, and selling for list price or near list price. 60% of the market requires price changes and longer days on market to be sold, or else the houses fail to sell.

How to sell your home safely during COVID

My fellow officers and my senior sergeants and I knew that we could not let our soldiers write home about this nastiness, so we completed a massive clean up and disinfection including an ammonia wipe down and soda-blast pressure washing of the interior of the disgusting mess hall.