Compass Concierge in action

Every residential home seller that I speak with knows that I have a basic metric for every listed property in every price range, regardless of conditions or features. We need a minimum of 8-10 showings in the first 21-28 days on market. From that reasonable amount of showing activity, we should expect an offer.

Will this be the biggest Summer market in Atlanta real estate history?

Robert states – “here’s why:” The real estate market has already hit bottom and started bouncing back. Over the last 3 weeks or so, in almost every one of our markets, we’ve started seeing a meaningful increase in pending / in-contract and new listings activity. Catastrophes create movement. After 9/11, things froze in NY for […]

What’s my Atlanta home worth right now?

The Wieloch Group is taking appointments by Zoom – the purpose of many of these appointments is a free discussion about “Your Home’s Value During Covid.” We realized that we are receiving 3 certain, distinct questions almost always nowadays. On a Zoom call, we will answer the #1 question that we receive – what is my home worth right now? If you are interested, then we can discuss the other two top questions as well!

The fall market in Atlanta

Do you have a lot of questions about which way your Atlanta neighborhood “economy” is headed? How about the national and international economies? How about commodities, the trade war and crypto-commercialism? How about Greenland, for sale? How about the ports of Savannah and Brunswick? How about the Atlanta Airport aerotropolis? How about how the Beltline […]

The millennial homebuying shift

“…5 million units of “pent-up demand” in the system… …many millennials are now reaching prime home-buying age — 30 to 35 years old — and the industry has got “a big tailwind coming through.” “In 2025 there are going to be 3 million more millennials than baby boomers at their peak in 1987…” “John Lovallo, […]

Recent price pressure on Atlanta sellers

The evidence is showing up in every price range. Home prices are topping out – levelling – flattening – bubbling … lets call it one of my favorite words – counter-balancing. In 2012, the submarkets and neighborhoods that suffered for 5 straight years, began to see substantial price gains, year over year, quarter over quarter. […]

Wasted away again in Marthasville

The city of Atlanta, between 1843 and 1845 was known as Marthasville. 80 years later, in downtown Atlanta, in 1923 Fiddlin’ John Carson cut the world’s first country music record. 96 years after that momentous stack of wax, in 2019 Jimmy Buffet wants to download a Margaritaville hotel on top of John’s old recording studio. […]

Atlanta mortgage payments are cheaper than rent

I’ve been writing and talking about this simple economic fact since the early part of this century! The median amount of an Atlanta mortgage payment is indeed cheaper than the median amount of one month of rent. This good news came up once again last month in my blog post that cites the Trulia rent […]

Price Competitively to Sell Your Home for More

Do you want to sell your home for more money and in the least amount of time? The price at which you choose to list your Atlanta home for sale is a huge factor in reaching these two accomplishments in a successful sale. One of the biggest mistakes some sellers make is pushing the list price […]

5 Unexpected Factors Affecting Your Atlanta Home Value

We all know the main key factors that affect your Atlanta home value– location, size, upgrades, etc… but what about the unexpected ones? There could be extra value that you haven’t even recognized yet, and these factors could be additional selling features you can utilize when you’re ready to sell your Atlanta home. #1- A […]