Atlanta radio jock, Southside Steve Rickman and his lifelong idol, Burt Reynolds

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“Yeah C’mon” – ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, real estate consumers of all ages, we have Southside Steve Rickman on the Due Diligence real estate podcast today. Steve is going to speak with us about his 55 years of experience in Atlanta –  man who grew up in the West End, moved to the southside suburbs during his school years, spent a little too much time in Kennesaw when he bought his first house (so much so that he won yard of the month).

Steve owned a super cool loft in Castleberry Hill for decades, and recently made the exurban migration to palatial living in North Fulton County’s Milton.

In Steve’s own words, “It has been my mission for the past twenty-five years to bring smiles and laughs to everyone in Atlanta through morning radio and owning my own bar.”

Steve is an Atlanta icon, and THE hardest working man in Atlanta rock radio since the early 1990’s. Steve broke the band Collective Soul on Album 88 radio before major radio knew who they were. In our opinion, Steve has done more hosting, MCing, promotional events and wildass crazy stunts and pranks than anyone else, ever in the history of Atlanta media. And, for a few years, he had THE most rocking bar in Georgia with a very unique, one of a kind theme – the bar was a tribute to one of the greatest Georgia films of all time, 1977’s Smokey and The Bandit.

The bar was called, of course, Southside Steve’s.

And, he has managed to stay employed (for the most part) for nearly 30 years in Atlanta rock radio – he is loveable, charming, handsome and fearless.

Steve is married to the lovely Amanda, and is the father of a young boy and has a brand new Baby scheduled to arrive on June 12.

Steve’s favorite band is Journey.

In Steve’s own words, “I do what I do, when I do it.” And, you can buy a T-shirt with those inspirational words from his website and store at – Steve co-hosts the Bailey and Southside radio show on Rock 100.5 every morning and has been a market leading, mostly morning drive jock for his entire career. Steve hosts his own podcast, the perfectly named Yeah C’mon show. Steve is the narrator of a super cool podcast called Terminus: The Stories of Atlanta, which features an in depth look at the 1996 Centennial Park bombing, and a really cool second season about “The Bloody Death of Mark Barton.” The producers obtain significant details and they remember the Buckhead Financial district murders in a dramatic way with interviews and eyewitness accounts. Y’all give Steve a listen.

All of that being said, we are delighted to host our hard-working, always entertaining, native Atlanta guest – Steve Rickman. We would love to have him back. Click here for our podcast page, or look for “Due Diligence Podcast” at the top of all of “TWG” web pages.