I’ve been saying that “Kirkwood is Atlanta’s next Inman Park” for 22 years, ever since I drove down “Boulevard Drive” in 1998 and visited the Zone 6 police precinct office. Boulevard Drive is now Hosea L. Williams Boulevard.
Kirkwood is about 2x as large as Inman Park and by 2005 or so, Kirkwood began hosting it’s own Spring Fling Festival – Inman Park began their festival in the early 1970s. The growth of Kirkwood then leaped by 2013 – clearly a 35-40% jump in value from 2013-2018. Development happened at a rapid pace down Memorial Drive and along the major thoroughfares of Kirkwood. Every street has seen renovations and BIG flips in recent years.
These photos are artist renderings of the proposed Pratt-Pullman Yard, which borders the Lake Claire and Edgewood neighborhoods.
Curbed Atlanta magazine reported in February 2019:
“The clearest redevelopment vision to date for Kirkwood’s historic but decrepit Pratt-Pullman Yard site has emerged.
Currently, site work is underway at the 27-acre parcel, and “major construction” is expected to launch in coming weeks, the site’s owner, Adam Rosenfelt, tells Curbed Atlanta.
Rosenfelt and his wife and development partner Maureen Meulen, heads of film production group Atomic Entertainment, aim to turn the former sugar and fertilizer processing plant—and later, train depot—into a “creative city” mixed-use campus.
The goal is that the property would continue to be a Hollywood magnet while becoming a public-accessible, neighborhood hub, developers have stressed. The site has played host to gritty scenes in The Hunger Games, Baby Driver, and currently the third installment of Bad Boys, among many other movie and television productions.
Rosenfelt has said plans call for a roughly $200-million, adaptive-reuse overhaul of the century-old warehouse district that capitalizes on its inimitable (and protected) historic features.

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