Mas Tequila – it’s National Tequila Day!

The great Sammy Hagar, The Red Rocker says it best: “…Take your vitamin “T” with salt ‘n lemon slice … I say, One shot…Hey! Mas Tequila- Two shots…Hey! que veneno- Three shots…Arriba! Mas Tequila!” Enjoy your celebration of National Tequila Day, responsibly. I’ll be enjoying mine with Sheila E and Earth, Wind and Fire at Chastain Park!

This is how a decade of low interest rates feels

A Decade Of Low Interest Rates. Seriously. And, for some perspective, I bought my first house in 1991 with a VA loan at 9.5%. My man Leonard Steinberg writes me everyday. He writes every Compass agent, everyday. He is insightful and his emails always surprise and delight me. Today’s email is timely, and I must […]

Real estate inventory is up, up, up in Atlanta

I took that photo last month on one of the northern border streets of the historic West End in Atlanta. It reminded me of one of my rhymes from my 2014 rap video: “…keep your flyer boxes full, and get your signs erect, be cautious and be careful, show your clients respect, remember that the […]

Rat Catcher’s Day 2019

Today is “National Rat Catcher’s Day.” My favorite rat catcher in Atlanta is Atlanta Wildlife Relocators. Chip Elliott is the owner, and he’s a hands on professional trapper. I hired him to get rid of squirrels in one of our dormers. After he trapped the squirrel, he humanely relocated the squirrel and then he patched […]

9 reasons to love Lakewood Amphitheatre

Here are 9 reasons to love Lakewood Amphitheatre… Lakewood is a “holistic health oasis” The Lakewood Speedway is a legendary, 20th century racetrack I saw the Allman Brothers Band on July 23, 1989 which was one of the first shows ever at the newly opened Lakewood Amphitheatre 29 years and 362 days later, I saw […]

Buyers are not liars

Real estate is America’s most preferred long-term investment. And, ever since I got in the business in 1999, I heard the adage – “buyers are liars.” Where does that come from? Well, according to a really smart man named Skyler Irvine, who runs a digital content agency called Renzler Media and is a well known […]

Lee’s news review – week of July 15

Homeownership is trending up according to the American Community Survey “The most recent Housing Vacancies and Homeownership survey shows homeownership rates rose from a low of 63 percent in the second quarter of 2016 to 64.6 in the fourth quarter of 2018, adjusted for seasonality. This move reflects changes in the status of millions of households. The […]

Lee’s real estate news of the week

Sometimes, I just want to throw real estate news away like a bad motor scooter. Regardless, I digest real estate news at an enriched level, far beyond normal human consumption, and this is the weekly update for the week of July 8. Check out Due Diligence, a Real Estate podcast because we will be talking […]

Atlanta zoning seeks the multimodal missing middle

“Architect Eric Kronberg, who designs and implements small development projects in the city and elsewhere, notes that “these fixes are way more substantial than most cities ever dream about fixing in their places.” “ “The City of Atlanta recently adopted a zoning update designed to accommodate a growing population—including reductions in off-street parking requirements and more opportunities for […]

The serendipity of Compass in Atlanta

At Compass, I’m surrounded by some of the best, the brightest and the most remarkable business people in the world. Everyday, I experience moments of serendipity with my team at The Wieloch Group, with my clients and prospects, with my family and friends and with the growing team at Compass. Serendipity is the what and the […]