The fall market in Atlanta

Do you have a lot of questions about which way your Atlanta neighborhood “economy” is headed? How about the national and international economies? How about commodities, the trade war and crypto-commercialism? How about Greenland, for sale? How about the ports of Savannah and Brunswick? How about the Atlanta Airport aerotropolis? How about how the Beltline […]

LT’s favorite yoga instruction in Atlanta

Ever since I walked into Kashi Atlanta in 2000, and met Ganesh Giri Jaya (who signed me in to my first yoga class) I’ve been hitting the yoga mat regularly and with intention, all over the metro area. I’ve been to many different yoga studios, and to one particular “performance center” in Smyrna. I’ve practiced […]

Ultra fresh Atlanta real estate stats

Here is a deeper dive into the most recent numbers from July 2019 – call us at The Wieloch Group if you need a detailed analysis of the statistics in your neighborhood! Sales and Average Sales Price Overview There were 7,426 closings for Residential Single Family Detached in July 2019. This reflects an increase of […]

The second wind in Atlanta real estate

That’s certainly one way to look at it – thank you for the positive outlook, Pantera. This week, Nobel Laureate in Economics Robert Shiller looks at real estate life in America and says that US home prices “could start falling.” Prices already are falling, in some submarkets. Falling prices bring a “second wind.” The second […]

HGTV says it’s time to change

HGTVization influences modern lifestyle. Houses, homeowners, apartment dwellers, tiny domicile fanatics, color choices, swimming pools, movie stars, aquariums – you name the residential lifestyle choice, and HGTV has been on the subject like no other media service for 2 decades. Fans of HGTV might be more excited over “A Very Brady Renovation” more than any […]

A flight to quality, not a recession

In an interview with Bank Of America CEO Brian Moynihan, the following summary of the current state of the US economy emerged: 1.  There is a flight to quality right now, and tons of money is flowing towards the USA in an unstable global economy.2.  The US consumer is everything: right now they are employed, […]

Compass Search – powered by Artificial Intelligence

We just launched two new sections of listings on the Compass homepage and all of our listing pages called “Recommended For You”​ and ​”Similar Homes​!” These features are ​powered by Artificial Intelligence​, which analyzes Compass search data to deliver the most relevant listings to each person who searches our site. As more people search our […]

The millennial homebuying shift

“…5 million units of “pent-up demand” in the system… …many millennials are now reaching prime home-buying age — 30 to 35 years old — and the industry has got “a big tailwind coming through.” “In 2025 there are going to be 3 million more millennials than baby boomers at their peak in 1987…” “John Lovallo, […]

Real estate brokerage schemes

So, some real estate brokerages are scheming that their newly minted iBuyer revenue is a primary driver for future earnings. Meanwhile, they are shook by losses and market valuation issues, and by the #1 danger to all real estate brokers – mediocre talent. My brokerage Compass is focused on rapid market share growth, and not doing so by racing to the bottom. Don’t let your reach exceed your […]

Homebuyers love low interest rates

Nationwide, lower mortgage rates are helping the housing market. I know things are good for many Americans when I start to hear chatter about folks who bought in the past few years looking at really good refinance deals, and even 15 year mortgages – that’s conservative and good for the economy. Neil Dutta at Renaissance […]