Jason’s client Azam joins our podcast today.

We are live at 4pm EST on Wednesday, May 20 – watch us on Youtube.

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I promise that we will have a fascinating 30ish minutes this week with our guest, Azam who is a remarkable, Pulitzer prize nominee.

Azam was once the NYT’s Bureau Chief in Kabul, embedded with the Afghani security forces as they struggled to keep order in Afghanistan, and Azam is now the Bureau Chief for México, Central America and the Caribbean at The New York Times.

Jason knows that guy. They’ve done some business together. How cool is that?

I’m interested in hearing Azam’s opinions on life and business, and law and order, and health and wealth in his part of the world right now, and I’m sure that Azam has some questions for Jason about his Georgia home value!

As the Due Diligence song says we “keep it, real, real, real estate…” so we are indeed going to talk local real estate and world economic news like you’ve never ever heard real estate talked about by agents and one of their clients, when you listen in today!

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