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We are reinventing real estate — one client at a time!

Imagine increasing the listing price of your home by 20%! 

Our innovative programs are turning the real estate industry upside down. We front the costs of home improvement, staging and other services with no interest – ever. We invest in your home, ensuring that your money stays exactly where it should, with you! 


Our Experts are with you step by step, and help determine what services/improvements will deliver the greatest return, maximizing the listing price of your home. The worry free, hassle free home sale is an exclusive of Compass and The Wieloch Group.


Let our Team of Experts show you how we can TRANSFORM the sale of your home!

Compass Programs

We invest up in your home interest free to potentially raise your home value 20% at zero interest, so you can keep your money especially in uncertain times. 
Backed by the best agents of any brokerage in the country, we can effectively and safely sell your home quickly for top dollar and avoid “open houses” and non stop showings. 

We maximize the exposure of your home to the public before you list, testing the market for interest, adjusting before market if needed with the average result being 1-2% higher than the average home sale in a shorter period of time on market. 


Worried about what happens if you find your dream home and haven’t put your home on the market? We can help you finance the purchase of your next home before you sell, we cover the payments up to 6 months, and eliminate the worry of being displaced.


Covered Services


The percentage of homebuyers willing to pay more for hardwood floors


The potential return of every $100 you invest in staging your home


The percentage of sellers’ agents who say staging decreases a property’s time on market

How It Works

Let the wieloch group transform your sale

Sell your home faster and for a higher price with Compass Concierge.


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