2129 Wisteria Way, Kirkwood, Atlanta – under contract in 8 days for 99% of the list price
June 2020 – $30,000 in Compass Concierge readiness funding for a new driveway, exterior and interior paint, new countertops and appliances, restored floors, refreshed landscaping…

Every residential home seller that I speak with knows that I have a basic metric for every listed property in every price range, regardless of conditions or features. We need a minimum of 8-10 showings in the first 21-28 days on market. From that reasonable amount of showing activity, we should expect an offer.

As agents it’s our job to balance the need for making a home extra-presentable to the first 8-10 potential buyers, the most likely offerors, while also ensuring that our sellers have a smooth transaction from start to finish. In other words, we have to make sure to prepare the home in a way that is going to be impactful to the sale of the home, but not to be too much of a burden on our sellers.

I’ve been a Realtor for more than fifteen years, and I am a super-strong proponent of our Compass Concierge program! Compass Concierge enables easy investment in low-cost, high impact items to prepare houses for sale.

With Compass Concierge in Atlanta, we’ve seen everything from full-home flips to small projects like moving, packing and staging.  My philosophy is to focus on the first-impression – the first impression is often the lasting impression and that impression begins online with superior photos, and then continues with drive-by show stopper curb appeal. 

Curb appeal always wins.

High curb appeal projects always win. Curb appeal starts on the neighbor’s curb, so you gotta minimize your problems from their curb forward. Pro-active neighbor to neighbor communication can handle a number of presentation issues. From there, a sexy mailbox, a fresh, clean driveway with complimentary hardscapes, and glorious landscaping are critical to what I like to call exclusivity. Exclusivity makes people feel special, and when a property makes them feel special as soon as they arrive, those people will more than likely pay top dollar.

Understand renovation ROIs

“One of the things I have made a habit of is frequently checking out the ROI (Return on investment) on home projects – I ask questions, I make deductions and I often make guesses about renovation profit margins and contractor prices. I’m pretty good at it, and one way I make myself sound even smarter on these matters is that Renovation Magazine publishes an annual “Cost vs. Value Report.” That report details regional renovation costs vs. the resale value of comparables – it’s not precise, however it offers a perspective that can help you communicate with sellers who need to gauge their costs. For maximum ROI, the trend that I see time and time again is that exterior projects have the most “line item” cost vs. value payoff on a home’s sale. Soon we will have the enriched AI of Compass Lens available to show us this type of data as well.

Focus on the first impression

Of course, there are always going to be times when the inside of the house needs more attention than the outside. In those cases my philosophy remains the same: focus on the first impression items in the most critical home spaces. Kitchens and bathrooms are the two primary interior room categories that get houses sold. When buyers get the feels over an elegant kitchen or a calm bathroom, sellers often win fast. Furthermore, look around – are there outdated colors on the walls? Is the house dirty or cluttered? Do the secondary bathrooms need new countertops or a set of fresh hardware?

At the end of the day, most sellers know that they must make an investment in their property to get aligned with market demand, so bringing Compass Concierge to them is a gift. A high-impact gift. Tremendous empathy. The ease of doing business with Compass Concierge immediately reveals bang for the buck, without a debit from a seller’s own cash reserves! In the history of real estate brokerage, there has never been an up front financial booster for Listing agents like me quite like Compass Concierge.

Call me. Lets list your property for top dollar, sell it fast and get you to your goals with the least amount of hassle!