These numbers indicate a high likelihood of a “Spring Market in the Autumn” in Intown Atlanta. These are MLS wide numbers, not just Compass numbers. Even as listing count declines, the sellers who are indeed listed and needing a sale are increasingly turning to Compass agents.
Compass Atlanta, a less than 2 year old brokerage, is winning market share during the COVID market disruption. I’m proud to be a part of the company, and Jason the leader of The Wieloch Group is the very first Realtor signee to Compass Atlanta, way back about 22 months ago.
The Atlanta economy is the 10th largest in the USA and 18th in the world with an estimated 2018 GDP of over $357 billion. Martha Hayhurst, Managing Director of COMPASS Atlanta recently shared that Atlanta was one of the least hardest hit areas of the USA with COVID-19 market disruption. However, some real estate brokerages are going out of business right now.

Not Compass Atlanta. Here’s a letter from our Sales Manager, and Compass Atlanta sales truly are speaking for

“Georgia, under our Governors Orders officially had shelter in place beginning March 13th.  We closed our offices on that date. 

However, real estate in Georgia has always been considered essential.  Real Estate accounts for almost 20% of the States GDP.
The challenge was how to be essential, keep our clients safe, keep our agents safe, and above all to show great compassion and empathy for so many impacted. 

COMPASS Atlanta agents immediately embraced the challenge.  They served the communities by providing hundreds of meals to front line workers, provided backpacks filled with food and sanitizer to hundreds of our homeless, they delivered through meals on wheels, and continued to volunteer their time and talent to any need that was presented.

Our Principals prepared COVID kits that were made available to every buyer and seller so that safety precautions could be taken.  

Compass agents used the digital platform for caravans, open houses, listing presentations, and staying connected to their clients.  As leadership we continued with virtual sales meetings, group coaching and we brought in guest speakers on COVID legal requirements for contracts.  

As a result of the continued commitment to excellence Compass has stayed ahead of competitors in sales, listings, and our Deal Fall through rate is consistent with pre-covid percentages. 

We are seeing multiple offers on many properties, homes that are selling on the first day on market, and we are suffering from a lack of inventory.

Georgia was the first State to officially re-open.  We are now in week three.  Our agents were given office access 10 days ago, abiding by the Governors guidance.  COVID cases in Georgia still remain some of the lowest in the country.

Atlanta Compass has been able to weather the COVID-19 storm quite well and serve the community with compassion, filling so many needs.”

After 21 years in the Georgia brokerage business, I can safely say that this COVID experience and this economic disruption gives me a lot more reasons to feel good about being on a really good real estate team, The Wieloch Group and about being in business with Compass in 2020.