The fall market in Atlanta

Do you have a lot of questions about which way your Atlanta neighborhood “economy” is headed? How about the national and international economies? How about commodities, the trade war and crypto-commercialism? How about Greenland, for sale? How about the ports of Savannah and Brunswick? How about the Atlanta Airport aerotropolis? How about how the Beltline […]

HGTV says it’s time to change

HGTVization influences modern lifestyle. Houses, homeowners, apartment dwellers, tiny domicile fanatics, color choices, swimming pools, movie stars, aquariums – you name the residential lifestyle choice, and HGTV has been on the subject like no other media service for 2 decades. Fans of HGTV might be more excited over “A Very Brady Renovation” more than any […]

A flight to quality, not a recession

In an interview with Bank Of America CEO Brian Moynihan, the following summary of the current state of the US economy emerged: 1.  There is a flight to quality right now, and tons of money is flowing towards the USA in an unstable global economy.2.  The US consumer is everything: right now they are employed, […]

Compass Search – powered by Artificial Intelligence

We just launched two new sections of listings on the Compass homepage and all of our listing pages called “Recommended For You”​ and ​”Similar Homes​!” These features are ​powered by Artificial Intelligence​, which analyzes Compass search data to deliver the most relevant listings to each person who searches our site. As more people search our […]

The millennial homebuying shift

“…5 million units of “pent-up demand” in the system… …many millennials are now reaching prime home-buying age — 30 to 35 years old — and the industry has got “a big tailwind coming through.” “In 2025 there are going to be 3 million more millennials than baby boomers at their peak in 1987…” “John Lovallo, […]

Real estate brokerage schemes

So, some real estate brokerages are scheming that their newly minted iBuyer revenue is a primary driver for future earnings. Meanwhile, they are shook by losses and market valuation issues, and by the #1 danger to all real estate brokers – mediocre talent. My brokerage Compass is focused on rapid market share growth, and not doing so by racing to the bottom. Don’t let your reach exceed your […]

Homebuyers love low interest rates

Nationwide, lower mortgage rates are helping the housing market. I know things are good for many Americans when I start to hear chatter about folks who bought in the past few years looking at really good refinance deals, and even 15 year mortgages – that’s conservative and good for the economy. Neil Dutta at Renaissance […]

Schiller is right, Donald is wrong

Like burning shit with diesel, lowering interest rates can have a caustic effect. Maybe even a carcinogenic effect. The rate drops in recent years have helped the economy and the mortgage-driven housing market. This most recent rate drop feels catalytic in a bad way. Bloomberg’s entire editorial board calls it trade war Trump Slump: “Perhaps […]

Recent price pressure on Atlanta sellers

The evidence is showing up in every price range. Home prices are topping out – levelling – flattening – bubbling … lets call it one of my favorite words – counter-balancing. In 2012, the submarkets and neighborhoods that suffered for 5 straight years, began to see substantial price gains, year over year, quarter over quarter. […]