Home Buying Made Easy: 6 Simple Steps

We will be there for you every step of the way

√   Review market conditions and your unique needs
√   Get pre-approved for a loan to know how much you can spend
√   Narrow down the search to look at houses that meet your criteria
√   Make an offer and we will negotiate the price and terms
√   Have a professional conduct a thorough home inspection
√   The closing- you take possession of the house

Congratulations, you’re a new home owner!

It’s time to build wealth and invest in your future.

Investing in real estate can help you build passive income to reach your goals in parts of your life beyond your home. Stop paying someone else’s mortgage and invest in yourself. You can also use an investment property to fund child’s education, retirement or that well deserved vacation. Whatever your investment goals there are proven steps that will get you there easily.

Affordability is Possible

Atlanta remains one of the most affordable places to buy a home in the U.S. Less than 15% of the average family’s budget to buy a home nowadays.

Find Your Dream Home

Browse properties in your ideal locations to get ahead of the game.

Why Should You Get Pre Approved?

Pre qualification is a firm commitment from your lender based on your actual finances.
It saves you time and money knowing exactly what you can afford.
Being pre qualified can give you a competitive advantage in a multiple offer situation.

Ensure you get the home you want by getting pre approved today.
Contact us at 404-981-1378 and we’ll get you all set!

A Track Record of Success

Jason is truly one of the most talented agents I’ve ever met. He truly has a nose for buying properties ahead of their maturity curve. He was very professional, listened to my needs and was more than happy to accommodate. He was always available to answer any questions that I had. If you want someone who is dedicated to finding you the perfect property, Jason is your man.

– Home Buyer with The Wieloch Group