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The Wieloch Group

The Wieloch Group (TWG) at Compass offers a unique world class real estate experience in Metro Atlanta.

We are client motivated in addition to our commitment of building strong relationships in the communities we serve. In fact, each team member was chosen not only for their ability to successfully navigate the real estate process but for their knowledge of the city’s unique neighborhoods. Together, we offer an impressive 50 years of combined experience and skill in the Atlanta Real Estate Market.

The Wieloch Group understands that you are not just buying a home but the lifestyle that comes with it. We go beyond the typical question of “what are you looking for”. We get to know our clients. Our process makes sure we are not only checking all the boxes for your dream home, but pay equal attention to the needs of your lifestyle and community. TWG’s attention to detail is how we’ve earned the reputation for being Atlanta Neighborhood’s Top Neighborhood Real Estate Experts!

Our team works with both buyers and sellers. Our portfolio includes the residential resale of single family and town-home properties, in addition to new construction, and development. We are advocates for our clients while diligently working to exceed their expectations. In addition, our TWG Team earns our clients trust, with over $380 million in transaction sales as a result. We believe in providing our clients with superior service, full transparency and good old fashioned hard work.

We pride ourselves on our :
Honesty and Integrity
Knowledge of Purchase Process
Knowledge of the Atlanta Real Estate Market
Communication Skills
Negotiation Skills

Give us a call at 404-981-1378. Let our team of experts help you reach your goals and find out what’s going on in Atlanta Real Estate.

I’ve known many realtors and it wouldn’t be a surprise to say that most of them are responsive & helpful. Because, let’s be honest, that’s how they get paid. Of course they’re going to help…at first. What I couldn’t expect is the level of commitment and patience that Jason Wieloch showed when I was house […]