We all know the main key factors that affect your Atlanta home value– location, size, upgrades, etc… but what about the unexpected ones? There could be extra value that you haven’t even recognized yet, and these factors could be additional selling features you can utilize when you’re ready to sell your Atlanta home.

#1- A good local hangout

Homeowners love having a little local go-to spot they can venture to for evening drinks or for a bite when they’re not in the mood for cooking. Whether it’s a bar, restaurant or cafe, having a close hangout spot is ideal to buyers and could help increase your Atlanta home value.

#2- The Neighbors

Neighbors come and neighbors go. As the years go by you will experience both good and not so good ones in Atlanta. Having good neighbors who take care of the exterior own THEIR homes will only help to increase the value of the neighborhood, and your home as well. A well cared for street increases overall curb appeal and home value. With the Atlanta real estate market constantly growing and changing it’s important to pay attention to how your neighborhood is transitioning.

#3- Mature Trees

Often times builders cut down large trees to make way for new construction, but mature trees really give the home and neighborhood a sense of history. Having trees on your property can affect your home’s value in a dollar amount as well. Check out the National Tree Benefit Calculator to see how certain trees affect your home’s value. It will also teach you about the additional benefits different trees have when they’re situated on your property.

#4- Starbucks, Trader Joes & Whole Foods

Yes we are serious- these ever-so popular chains are a huge bonus to have close by, and should be mentioned as a selling feature of your home. Atlantans love to conveniently grab their coffee in the morning and pick up quick groceries on their way home from work. Atlanta is always growing and it wouldn’t be a surprise if one pops up near your home, if it’s not already there. And if any of these favorites are within walking distance of your home, you’re golden.

#5- The name of your street

It’s true, even the name of your street could affect your Atlanta home’s value. According to the AJC, “a house on Peachtree Street could net you 9 percent more compared to other houses in the state”. Not only Peachtree Street but other well known street names in the city come with a certain level of prestige and expectation. The same article by the AJC says “homes on Paces Ferry Road are 63 percent more valuable nationwide than the average home, and homes on Peachtree Circle are 43 percent more valuable than homes on Peachtree Street”.

Your home could be worth more than you think!

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