The kitchen is proven to be the #1 room in your home worth investing in to increase your home’s value before you sell your home. It is the heart of the home and you will see a return on your investment if the updates are done right. These changes also vary by price range and certain upgrades won’t exactly be as expected in lower price ranges are as they are in the mid-higher ranges.

When buyers see outdated appliances they immediately see dollar signs because they’ll want to replace them if they buy. Avoid creating this hesitant feeling by updating them before you list your home. Ideally buyers are looking for stainless steel and in mid-high price ranges it will be expected in order to receive the offer you’re asking for. In the lower price ranges you have a little more wiggle room and can oftentimes get away with going with white or black appliances, just make sure it fits the style of the kitchen and is in excellent condition. If you an spring for it though, stainless steel is always a winner.

You’ve heard it many times, but neutral colors are the way to go when selling your home and the same goes for your kitchen. Get rid of any wallpaper or glaring paint colors in the kitchen and neutralize. Every buyer has different taste when it comes to style so it’s safest to go with a crowd pleaser- let them add unique touches later.

The more storage the better when it comes to kitchens. If yours is lacking look for creative ways to create more. Can’t afford to reconfigure the kitchen to create more storage? This is where staging is very important because you need to create the feeling of more space. Make sure the counter tops are completely clear of extra small appliances, decor or any clutter at all. Remove unneeded kitchenware (juicers, toaster ovens, mixers, too much Tupperware) and store away elsewhere in the home away from buyer’s sight. This will make your cabinets appear to have more space inside and out when buyers are touring the home.


You will definitely receive a return on your investment if you can open up your kitchen to the living space of the home. Open floor plans are highly desired and almost expected these days and buyers will be turned off by an isolated kitchen. Contact a local contractor about possibly opening up a wall or two to connect the space to the rest of the home. Need a trusted vendor to help with this? Contact us and we can refer you to someone great. Even opening up a small portion of a wall to the living space makes a huge difference.

You’re probably thinking, okay so the basically the entire kitchen? And you’re kind of right, but the kitchen is the best place to invest on an update that is most likely to give you a return when selling. Make design choices that are in line with the overall style of your home as well as the current trends if you will be selling soon. Can’t afford to completely redo the kitchen? That’s okay, there are still updates you can make to these two surfaces that will make an impact. If your cabinets are in good shape overall, consider giving them a fresh coat of brighter neutral color (white is very in right now). If your counter tops are very outdated there are affordable options out there that will give the look of freshness without a big price tag.

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