This is real estate marketing, Wieloch Group style!

I ordered yet another Seth Godin book yesterday and I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn with my team at The Wieloch Group. I ordered the recently published hardcover version of the book, after I read this February 19th article by Zack Friedman in Forbes, which discusses the book This is Marketing, Seth’s latest publication.

This Is Marketing arrives at my doorstep tomorrow via Amazon Prime, and “this is real estate marketing” begins with this blog post!

I’ve been reading Seth’s books since I picked up Permission Marketing around 2001. I’ve read 8 or 9. Seth is my favorite business writer, for sure.

Seth blogs every day, here.

You can order Seth’s book, This is Marketing, here.

The subtitle of This is Marketing is “you can’t be seen until you learn to see.” That statement speaks volumes in the business of real estate right now. The real estate business is long established as “prospecting based, marketing enhanced.” However, as the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) meets the multi-Billion dollar world of real estate purchasing and sales, real estate marketing tactics are magnified now more than ever.

This exchange between Seth and Zack inspired me:

Friedman: You’re a prolific author with 19 international bestsellers. What is your writing process, and how do you transform an idea into a book?

Godin: Here’s how:

1. Write like you talk.

2. Learn to talk better.

3. Blog every day.

Friedman: What are your three best pieces of career advice?


1. Begin.

2. Fail in the service of generosity.

3. Blog every day.

Did you pick up on a theme here in this blog post? This is real estate marketing. This is real estate marketing coming at you live from Atlanta. And, it starts with Lee Taylor blogging every day.