5 Unexpected Factors Affecting Your Atlanta Home Value

We all know the main key factors that affect your Atlanta home value– location, size, upgrades, etc… but what about the unexpected ones? There could be extra value that you haven’t even recognized yet, and these factors could be additional selling features you can utilize when you’re ready to sell your Atlanta home. #1- A […]

Important Home Features for Buckhead Real Estate

Buckhead is a neighborhood in Atlanta known for its fabulous restaurants, high-end shopping, city views and upscale nightlife. With endless amenities at your fingertips it’s no surprise Buckhead real estate attracts buyers of all kinds– from high rise condos to luxury estate properties. When selling your Buckhead home it’s important to know what appeals to […]

5 Tips to Prepare to Sell Your Brookhaven Home in 2017

The Brookhaven real estate market is constantly growing. With a comfortable, neighborhood atmosphere and close proximity to Buckhead and the rest that Atlanta has to offer, it’s no wonder families of all sizes and ages are looking for homes for sale in Brookhaven. If you’re considering selling your Bookhaven home in the upcoming year, here […]

Best Neighborhoods in Atlanta for Young Professionals

Atlanta is a great city for YoPros (young professionals) to live, work and thrive. With 242 neighborhoods across the city of Atlanta, figuring out the right place to live can be overwhelming. Since Atlanta has a bit of a traffic problem, it’s always wise to take your work commute into account. While living close to […]

Top 3 Things to Do Before Buying a Home in Atlanta

Setting out to buy a home in Atlanta can be exciting, but it can also be very overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. And unless you’re an experienced realtor – or work for HGTV – you probably don’t. Since you are reading this article, you’re already taking a step in the right direction. […]

5 Expert Tips on Pricing to Sell in the Atlanta Housing Market

Pricing your house accurately is the key to selling and making a profit in the Atlanta housing market. The problem is, finding your pricing sweet spot can be tricky. Valuing your home too high off the bat is a surefire way to keep it on the market and scare away potential buyers. If you want […]