Moving day

Today is my 2019 moving day! I must have packed 25 trash bags full of stuff that is not moving with me! Moving day at The Wieloch Group most often leads to the employment of Atlanta Peach Movers. Orlando and his team are the best trained movers in the city, and his entire operation is […]

The why nots of real estate

When someone asks me a “why not” question, I often simply say – “yeah, why not?” In the back of my mind, I think about how Dwight Yoakam sounds so badass when he sings “Baby Why Not,” his 1995 smash hit. “Oh baby why not Just take once more chance And risk all we got On this luckless romance […]

This is real estate marketing

I ordered yet another Seth Godin book yesterday and I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn with my team at The Wieloch Group. I ordered the recently published hardcover version of the book, after I read this February 19th article by Zack Friedman in Forbes, which discusses the book This is Marketing, Seth’s latest […]

Top 3 Hottest Atlanta Neighborhoods for 2018

Predictions for the Hottest Atlanta Neighborhoods for 2018 are in! What makes a neighborhood jump up on the “hot list”? While you might be assuming it’s the neighborhoods located on the BeltLine or the highest priced area, think again. According to Hotpads, “To sleuth out next year’s hottest places to live, we looked at four […]

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be an emotional roller coaster, but what is even more frustrating is having your home sit on the market unable able to sell. Your home is most likely your biggest investment so taking extra precautions to do it right is always in your best interest.  Be sure to avoid these top […]

Top 5 Kitchen Updates to Increase Your Home’s Value

The kitchen is proven to be the #1 room in your home worth investing in to increase your home’s value before you sell your home. It is the heart of the home and you will see a return on your investment if the updates are done right. These changes also vary by price range and […]

How to Successfully Buy a House in a Seller’s Market

It’s no secret it is a seller’s market in Atlanta right now. Homes are flying off the market and buyers can start to feel discouraged about finding their new home. It is still very possible to successfully buy a house in a seller’s market with these 5 tips! 1. Have Your Finances in Order First […]

Price Competitively to Sell Your Home for More

Do you want to sell your home for more money and in the least amount of time? The price at which you choose to list your Atlanta home for sale is a huge factor in reaching these two accomplishments in a successful sale. One of the biggest mistakes some sellers make is pushing the list price […]

Wall Paint Colors Buyers Will Love

If you’re considering putting your house for sale it’s time to look at your wall paint colors and decide if it’s time for an update. Not all buyers can visualize a space different from its current state, and a major deterrent could be paint color. Even though we know you can simply paint over the […]

Top 5 Things to Look for in Your Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right real estate agent is the first important step when it comes to buying and selling your home. You want an agent with the right experience, knowledge and personality that will work for you. Below are our top 5 things you should be looking for in your next real estate agent. 1. A […]