Atlanta zoning seeks the multimodal missing middle

“Architect Eric Kronberg, who designs and implements small development projects in the city and elsewhere, notes that “these fixes are way more substantial than most cities ever dream about fixing in their places.” “ “The City of Atlanta recently adopted a zoning update designed to accommodate a growing population—including reductions in off-street parking requirements and more opportunities for […]

The serendipity of Compass in Atlanta

At Compass, I’m surrounded by some of the best, the brightest and the most remarkable business people in the world. Everyday, I experience moments of serendipity with my team at The Wieloch Group, with my clients and prospects, with my family and friends and with the growing team at Compass. Serendipity is the what and the […]

Due Diligence, a real estate podcast – Hey y’all, we got sprawl

Nǐmen dōu dédàole mànyán or 你们都得到了蔓延   That’s Chinese for “Y’all, we got sprawl.” The podcast: In this week’s podcast, Jason and I discuss the Beltline and how Atlanta is transforming from a city that just a few years ago was a poster child for hyper-sprawl. Atlanta is a beautiful, green, international economic powerhouse – and, yeah, we got sprawl, y’all. However, […]

Subscribe to Due Diligence, a real estate podcast

Subscribe to our podcast! We host on Bluberry and syndicate on all of the popular listening spots like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. This link takes you to all of the subscription options: This link takes you to our latest podcast from the week of March 11, 2019, which covers 3 subjects: How someone thinks […]

Atlanta loves Compass Concierge

Whenever someone at The Wieloch Group mentions the word “concierge” they are often communicating about recent the success stories of Compass Concierge. And, so far Atlanta loves Compass Concierge. Get this – If a seller in Atlanta or in any other Compass marketplace, takes advantage of the Compass Concierge offering, then they do so without […]

Atlanta mortgage payments are cheaper than rent

I’ve been writing and talking about this simple economic fact since the early part of this century! The median amount of an Atlanta mortgage payment is indeed cheaper than the median amount of one month of rent. This good news came up once again last month in my blog post that cites the Trulia rent […]

That’s who The Wieloch Group “R”

My license from the state of Georgia is nearly 20 years old. I am licensed as a “Real Estate Salesperson” in Georgia and I am required by law to adhere to strict rules and laws that govern my trade. We “R” Realtors at The Wieloch Group. Check out this 30 second video that the National […]

Buying Atlanta real estate vs. renting

Owning real estate in lieu of renting real estate in Atlanta has almost always made more financial sense. For decades and decades, Atlanta ownership beats Atlanta tenancy, dollar for dollar, cost for cost. Since 2007, I’ve recommended that buyers check out the Trulia rent vs. buy index. Trulia studies the monthly rent in every zip […]

Moving day

Today is my 2019 moving day! I must have packed 25 trash bags full of stuff that is not moving with me! Moving day at The Wieloch Group most often leads to the employment of Atlanta Peach Movers. Orlando and his team are the best trained movers in the city, and his entire operation is […]

The why nots of real estate

When someone asks me a “why not” question, I often simply say – “yeah, why not?” In the back of my mind, I think about how Dwight Yoakam sounds so badass when he sings “Baby Why Not,” his 1995 smash hit. “Oh baby why not Just take once more chance And risk all we got On this luckless romance […]