“Architect Eric Kronberg, who designs and implements small development projects in the city and elsewhere, notes that “these fixes are way more substantial than most cities ever dream about fixing in their places.” “

“The City of Atlanta recently adopted a zoning update designed to accommodate a growing population—including reductions in off-street parking requirements and more opportunities for “missing middle” housing types and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in single-family neighborhoods. “

“The update resulted from a diagnostic test run on the city’s zoning in 2015. “The diagnostic identified two buckets of items which came to known as Quick Fixes Phase I and Phase II,” Keyetta Holmes, Office of Zoning and Development Interim Director, told Public Square. “Phase I items were those items that could be done in the short term. Phase II were the midterm fixes that required an in-depth review of the code and were included zoning innovations that were necessary for a more equitable code.”

“The city shrank from a peak of nearly a half million residents in 1970 to under 400,000 in 1990, but that trend has reversed in the last decade. The census indicates that in 2016 Atlanta’s population was 472,522: a 12 percent increase in a six-year span from 2010 to 2016. This magnitude in growth has not been seen in Atlanta in the last 50 years, says city zoning commissioner Tim Keane. “Between July 2016 and July 2017, the city of Atlanta permitted more than $4 billion in construction: more than any other 12 months in the city’s history.” “

“Adds Holmes, “All estimates show that the City of Atlanta will increase its population to a million people. In order to accommodate those people we need a code that is less car centric and more multi-modal. In 2017 the City allowed accessory dwelling units as a use by right in the R-5 (Two Family) District.  To encourage density and to allow the use in other districts it was expanded to R-4 (Single Family Residential) and R-4A (Single Family Residential).” Further, the city addressed multi-unit housing, which exists but has been nonconforming. “By allowing the use by right existing units can be renovated and more units can be created.” “

All text powered by the in depth coverage of Public Square – they wrote this article about Atlanta’s new urbanism. They are The Congress for the New Urbanism.