The Brookhaven real estate market is constantly growing. With a comfortable, neighborhood atmosphere and close proximity to Buckhead and the rest that Atlanta has to offer, it’s no wonder families of all sizes and ages are looking for homes for sale in Brookhaven. If you’re considering selling your Bookhaven home in the upcoming year, here are 5 ways you can prepare your home to sell for the most money and fast!



Great curb appeal is so important to make sure your home makes a good impression as soon as potential buyers drive up to the property. Tidy up the plant beds with some fresh pine straw or wood shavings and sprinkle in some pops of color with new plantings. Patch up any bare patches in the front lawn and make sure it’s regularly mowed to always look its best. Make the outside of your Brookhaven home look as new as possible! Pressure wash the siding and shutters of your home to remove any dirt and buildup. You can rent a pressure washing machine to do this yourself (very easy!) or hire a professional to take care of the work for you. Also consider repainting your front door as a finishing touch with the same color as before, or mix it up with a inviting new color.



The kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom are at the top of the list for most Brookhaven home buyers, so if you have the budget to make some upgrades these are the rooms to focus on. If you’ve got an outdated kitchen on your hands consider upgrading the countertops and giving the cabinets a facelift. Any way you can open up the kitchen to the living space is a great feature- homeowners are all about the open floor plan these days! This could be as simple as taking out one wall or even half a wall- just consult with a contractor before bringing out the sledgehammer :).

In the master bedroom/bathroom make it feel as fresh and new as possible. Even small touches like switching out old brass bathroom fixtures to a modern look (maybe a brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze) can make a big difference in the eyes of the buyer- less for them to do themselves later!



As much as you love to sprinkle every surface of your home with pictures of your beautiful family, it’s important for potential buyers to be able to picture THEIR family living in the home. Box up some of those extra pictures and knick knacks on the walls and shelves throughout your home to help declutter the space. Think of it as one less packing step you’ll have to do later when your Brookhaven home sells FAST! Organization is key. Most likely you’re going to have potential buyers opening your closets, cabinet drawers and any storage spaces in the home. Make sure these areas are neatly organized so the home feels like there is plenty of storage space for them to move in to.



Everyone has their own taste when it comes to color. Some live life on the edge with bold and bright color choices, while others can’t seem to choose between beige #1 or beige #2. It’s important to take all wall colors in your home down towards neutral tones. Brookhaven sellers have found their homes show quickly, and sell quickly when presented with a neutral and fresh color scheme because buyers can clearly visualize modern touches and their own imprint on the home. The more conservative buyers will feel at ease and won’t be turned away by the color, and the more daring color buyers know they can easily add a splash of their favorite colors wherever they see fit.



Last but not least- time to CLEAN! And we mean really clean, not just a light dusting and running the vacuum through the house. Start to look at your home in a new light and get every little corner taken care of- dust and wipe down all baseboards throughout the home, fully clean all cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, dust all ceiling fans and air vents, and really get down and make your floors shine.

The finishing touch to a beautiful Brookhaven home that is ready to sell is brightening up the rooms! Open the window blinds for buyer walk throughs to showcase the amount of light that comes in. Have a few darker rooms that just don’t get that much daytime light? Consider bringing in some extra lamps or adding/replacing the ceiling light fixture to brighten up the space.

Ready to Sell Your Brookhaven Home Fast?

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